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When the human being forgets the real concept of life then the worldly pleasure becomes the purpose. The dangerous consequences of such type of life are unavailable. That is a big pity in Muslim society. Why such disease are spreading and increasing? Wheather we are forgoing the right path and adopting the western cultures. The fatal disease of diabetes is spreading increasingly in developing countries. Pakistan is also affected by increasing rate of Diabetes. At this time approximately 01 crore and 50 lacs Pakistanis are suffering from diabetes and in next twenty years this quantity will be double. Taking into consideration this national menace, we have published a book named “Diabetes and Treatment” to aware the people about this disease. Because of unawareness and carelessness our people reluctant to get rid from this disease. Moreover, Anwar Riyaz-i-Qadeer Diabetes Institute is established in Lahore for better treatment of diabetes. People from rural areas and foreign countries are visiting the institute and getting healthy by our treatment.
After completing my M.B.B.S from King Edward Medical College Lahore, I have done my specialization from United States of America and England in Diabetology. Those countries are conducting research in diabetes and highly effective medicines were introduced. In 1921, the invention of Insulin played an important role in saving the life of many diabetic patients. A part from this, with the help of others medicines another treatment was introduced from which I got lot of help and also gave benefits to my patients. To provide quick energy to poor and sinking diabetic patients ENERGY TREATMENT was invented. And this treatment is only we are doing successfully in this world.

In diabetic patients the value of Hemoglobin starts decreasing. Due to this, patient start feeling many complications in his body. M.B.B.S Physicians try hard to control the sugar level of a patient. The Family physicians do not do treatment to cure the weakness of patients. We know that, patient can face this dangerous disease only when he is healthy and have stamina to fight against this disease. Otherwise patient cannot even stand from his bed due to his weakness. We want patients back to life. So that he might be able to live his life happily.

Human being cannot live without eating meal. But Meal can only give benefit to body if body have capability to burn the food and get different vitamins and energy. It is also helpful in controlling sugar level. The only way to save from the disasters of diabetes is you must go to the Diabetes Specialist for treatment. Because he has a strong grip on the treatment of the disease. To get complete knowledge of this disease than you can save yourself from its many complications.

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